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Mother's Day Magic…With Love

It's Spring and also Mother's Day will be here soon, May 14th. There is a long history of celebrating spring and mothers. The ancient Greeks held spring festivals to honor the maternal goddess, Rhea. She was Cronus' wife and the mother of many deities. Not to be outdone by the Greeks, the ancient Romans celebrated a three-day Spring festival called, Hilaria, to honor the mother goddess Cybele. 

And speaking of mothers, Mother's Day Magic is a collection of a dozen previously unpublished romance and literary fiction novelettes celebrating mothers. In my story, I Love You More,  I drew a good deal from my own experiences as a single mother. I think most moms, especially single moms, can relate to it. There are a lot of families that are headed by women, sometimes just one mom and her child, but they are still families in every sense of what a family means. I wanted to acknowledge these strong, loving single moms and the wonderful children they are raising or have raised. They’re doing a great job. 

Here are the blurbs for Mother's Day Magic…With Love

Felt by the Heart by Angela Ford 
Rachel Winters's fiftieth birthday approached the forever she'd found with Ryan ended with heartache. And for her daughter, the second chance of having a dad. Will Rachel find the strength to rebuild her life and her daughter's?
I Love You More by Cornelia Amiri
On turning sixty, Garland recalls memories of her life's journey from an abusive childhood to a bad marriage to the ups and downs of a single mom. She is rewarded with a magical mother's day with her loving family.
Two Hearts Unspoken by Tamara Ferguson 
Retired air force captain and wounded warrior, Zach Logan, discovers that his scars are more than skin deep, when he falls in love with Beth Bowen; the lovely single mother of an autistic son.
December Roses by Daisy Banks 
A present day gift of flowers sets off delightful memories for Jean. The recollections of the day love first bloomed, and trust overcoming a frightening challenge, are carved deep into her heart. 
Maddie's Project by Anna Celeste Burke 
Laura's mother, Maddie, led a life bursting at the seams, filled with family and a million projects. May changed everything. More than a decade later, Laura reflects on Maddie's biggest project, and how it changed all their lives.
Vision of the Heart by Mary Crawford 
Facing the vision loss caused by macular degeneration is hard enough, but it's causing Julia Concord to question everything she knows about herself as a wife, mother, and nurse. Can she handle a reunion when she's a shadow of the person she once was?
An English Rose by Allyson R. Abbott 
A compelling and humorous insight of past years and present dilemma's as Rose reflects on her usefulness in later life. Just as she acknowledges and accepts her sell-by-date is approaching, life suddenly becomes interesting again, in more ways than one.
The Art of Forgiveness by Tamara Philip 
The story of one woman's journey to find out the truth surrounding her adoption decades earlier. Amidst the tragedy of the past, she finds connections to her complicated history and a gentle reminder about the transcendent power of forgiveness and time.
The Illusion of Happiness by Neva Squires Rodriquez
Divorced and having lived under the illusion of happiness for over thirty years, Graciela struggles to find her strength. With her fiftieth birthday and Mother's Day weekend approaching, a surprise visit helps put things into prospective for her.
The Day before Eclosion by Adrienne Ruvalcaba
Sharon's only daughter, Gracie, is ready to move out on her own. What should be an exciting transition is complicated by Gracie's disability. Can Sharon learn to accept Gracie's need for autonomy before irreparable damage is done to their relationship?
The Light We Found by Q.D. Purdu 
Calla has survived divorce and developed her first newly-single crush on Ben, the special guy in her triple-two-step class. Life is rocking until her ex confesses a long-hidden betrayal, and Ben reveals the most hurtful secret of all.
Forever Sunshine by Cary Allen Stone & Tyler Hosea 
A letter containing the last request of their mother was handed to the son and daughter at the funeral service. They were told to read the letter at her gravesite on the year anniversary of her passing. 

Some fun Mother Day facts:
In Yugoslavia, on Mother’s Day, the kids tie their mother up  and she cannot get free until she gives her children treats. I don't think most American mothers would appreciate that custom. But in France, on the National Day of Mothers, moms get a treat, a cake in the shape of a bouquet of flowers. And, in Italy, they celebrate Mother's Day with a family feast and give their moms a heart shaped cake. That sounds yummy. 
We celebrate Mother's Day in the US on May 14th so start thinking about the gift you're getting for your mom. Also  to all the Mother's reading this, I  hope on Sunday, May 14th, you have the Best Mother's Day ever!

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KISSES FROM LILLITH by Adele Downs, Releasing April 27!

A sizzling short story with bite.

Pre-order your copy for .99!
Arriving Thursday, April 27!

When Hunter receives an invitation for a group tour of an ancient cave to celebrate his cousin’s birthday, he and his girlfriend Rosa unwittingly attend a party…with unusual refreshments.


Hunter’s relationship with his girlfriend Rosa is on the rocks, and though his love for her hasn’t wavered, she has never said she loves him in return. When they accept an odd invitation for a group tour of an ancient cave to celebrate his cousin’s birthday, Hunter and Rosa’s fragile bond is tested to its limits when the powers of love and trust become their only weapons against the dark forces waiting inside.

“Wow! For a short story, this was a long, thrilling ride.” 5 Stars! ~Will Work For Books

“Kisses From Lillith…has everything you want in a paranormal romance. I found myself on the edge of my seat. Adele Downs…has a way of bringing a story to life…she always leaves you wanting more.” 5 Stars! ~Girl With Pen

Buy The Book for .99!
Nook, Tolino, Scribd, Page Foundary, 24 Symbols https://www.books2read.com/u/b5OEak

Adele Downs is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than 20 romance titles, including those written under another pen name, and a former journalist with hundreds of articles to her credit. When not writing in her home office in rural Pennsylvania, she can be found reading a book on the nearest beach, taking photographs, or riding in her convertible.

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An Outlaw for the Psychic Spy by @SSaraDaniel #freeread #prequel #shortstory

An Outlaw for the Psychic Soul
Prequel Short Story to Solace for the Psychic Soul
(Part of the Mid-Winter Healing Anthology)
By Sara Daniel
© 2017
Three years ago
The bloodline seer’s laser drilled a point of heat between Monica’s shoulder blades. Whoever the hell the seer was, he or she was going to blow Monica’s unassuming, girl-next-door cover.
Ditching her baseball cap and pulling on a jacket, she continued along the crowded sidewalk. She could lose eighty percent of her tails with those two simple changes. Most people fixated on the hat or clothing, not the actual person.
The gait and boots from her peripheral vision suggested her pursuer was male, although she’d yet to glimpse his face. He continued to trail her, proving he wasn’t a novice.  Just her luck that she’d taken her psychic suit in for cleaning, leaving her without her most-powerful weapon.
Whether he’d randomly picked her from the crowd or had intentionally targeted her, his seer power would have told him she was an unmated orgasmic psychic. No doubt he thought he’d hit the bounty hunting jackpot. Veering off the crowded sidewalk down an alley, she let him salivate over how easily he’d take her down.
The guy continued past her. If he was as good as her first impression led her to believe, he’d turn down the next alley then thread between the tight city buildings, intercepting and gagging her in less than thirty seconds.
Twenty-four seconds later, he charged at her, his palm going straight for her mouth. Monica channeled his forward momentum and flipped him over her shoulder. Laying him flat on his back on the broken pavement, she thrust her knee in his groin before the wind reentered his lungs.
He grunted.
She gouged again. From here on out, she called the shots and had no qualms about unmanning him permanently.
“Fu—” His curse faded to a moan.
Satisfied he was solely focused on the searing pain between his legs, she eased up. He rolled into a fetal position, clutching himself. She grabbed his shoulder and dragged him to the light pole at the side of the alley. Pulling her handcuffs from her vest, she snapped them around his left wrist. She yanked his right hand from his groin and pulled it behind the light pole, cuffing it with the left, so he sat with his back to the pole.
From behind, she patted him down, removing a stun gun and a knife from his person. After she messaged the police, she rounded the pole to face him head-on.
“You troublemaking asshole! You just caused me a shit ton of paperwork.” She glared at him. His face was scruffy with a two or three day beard. His striking bright blue eyes were still dilated with pain and shock from the twin hits to the pavement and the groin.
Something deep inside her clicked.
Oh no. Fuck, no. She stumbled. Not her soulmate. She was government spy, damn it. One of the good guys. She took down guys like him for a living. What she did not do was mate with them.
“I’d hate to cause you any trouble, Sweetheart. Why don’t you just unlock these cuffs and send me on my way? I won’t bother you again, and you won’t have to waste your time with unnecessary paperwork.”
“Bothering me in the first place was your mistake.” The way he truly bothered her had nothing to do with the fact that he’d tried to abduct her.
“I just tripped over my own feet, and you happened to be right there when I tried to catch myself. I apologize if you thought I was trying something inappropriate.”
“Save it for your lawyer and the judge, creep.” How dare her soul pick a criminal.
“The name’s Dex, sweetheart. Dex Seer. And I’m free on Friday if you want to go out.”
She’d dated a lot of sleazy guys in the ongoing effort to track down enemy information and make the world a safer place. But soulmate or not, she wouldn’t go out with this one. “You’re going to be in jail on Friday night.”
“Saturday then.”
Rolling her eyes, she pulled out her phone and entered his name into the government database.
“Holy shit.” She scrolled through the list of stuff he was wanted for—kidnapping, aiding and abetting the enemy, breaking and entering. If she hadn’t stopped him, he would handed her over to the government’s enemies for a price that would have matched her yearly salary. “You might want to consider using a fake name with your pickup lines. Dex Seer is wanted for a crap ton of stuff. If you’re angling to walk free from our scuffle by using a ‘he said-she said’ defense, you better start worrying about all the other charges the government can make stick.”
A flash of worry crossed his face. Then he aimed an ‘aw-shucks’ smile at her. “If you’re not ready to trust me, we can arrange a neutral meeting ground for our date on Saturday sweetheart.”
“The name’s Smic. Monica Smic. I’m your worst nightmare, not your sweetheart.”
“Saturday night. Neutral meeting place. I knew you couldn’t say no to me, Smic.” Despite wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs, Dex grinned as he sauntered into the stark, gray booth.
Monica scowled at him through the glass. Although his seer scan would have told him she was an unmated orgasmic psychic, he didn’t know her soul had picked him as its mate. And as she didn’t intend to complete their mating, he’d never know that part. But her soul would forever crave his closeness. “Why are you involved in so much shitty, shady stuff?”
“Who says I am?”
“I’m not here to get a confession out of you or cut you a deal.” She just wanted to understand how her soul could have picked him. The guy sold his seer services to good guys and bad guys alike and offered his bounty hunting services to known criminals. But he lived with his mother and sister in a low-crime, working-class neighborhood and fixed his elderly neighbors’ leaky pipes and broken locks at no charge. Any assurance that his good side overrode his criminal background would ease her internal tug-of-war.
“Ah, so you came for a conjugal visit.” He smirked. “How do we get on the same side of this glass wall?”
Clearly, any redeeming qualities didn’t extend to his smart-ass personality. Regardless of his occasional brush with decency, he was still a criminal, and she’d dedicated her life to ridding the world of crime.
“Coming here was a mistake.” Standing, she signaled to the jail guard.
“Wait.” Dex’s smug expression disappeared, replaced by panic. “I need your help to get out of here. My sister depends on me to get the medicine she needs.”
“Maybe you should have asked for my help in the alley, instead of attacking me.”
“Look, it wasn’t anything personal against you. Her medicine’s expensive.” He shrugged away the guard’s hand.
“The government has programs for people who can’t afford their medications. Your sister should look into them.” She leaned toward the speaker imbedded in the glass separating them. “Abducting people is not an acceptable answer to any problem.” She waved at the guard to take him away.
Dex glared at her. “Those programs don’t do shit when the medication is no longer produced or available for sale.”
The guard tugged him toward the door.
“My sister will go blind without this medicine,” Dex yelled, still holding her gaze.
A second guard joined the first, and they dragged him through the doorway.
“Her name is Lucy. She’s only thirteen years old. If she goes blind, it will be on your conscience, Smic. If you won’t help me, then help Lucy. Please.” He kept yelling, his voice fading down the corridor.
Monica marched out of the jail. She wouldn’t help the asshole who’d tried to kidnap her and sell her to her government’s enemies. Dex was a manipulator, a player, and a criminal.
She slumped against the wall outside the building. His sister was an innocent child, the type of person she’d dedicate her life to protecting.
If Lucy really would go blind without the medicine, then Monica would make sure she got it. But she had no intention of letting Dex know she’d lifted a finger to help him.

Now read the rest of the story. Find out what happens when Dex and Monica are reunited three years later in Solace for the Psychic Soul, part of the Wiccan Haus MID-WINTER HEALING anthology.
Dex Seer has spent his life on the wrong side of the law, working for anyone who will pay him enough to afford the medicine his sister needs to keep from going blind. But the medicine no longer exists. In desperation, he books a stay at the Wiccan Haus to heal his sister. With a sexy government spy following him through the portal, he stands to lose everything he’s spent his life protecting.

 After too many years reading the evil, sadistic thoughts of her government’s enemies, Monica Smic is exhausted and cynical. Worse, her soul discovered its mate in a lawless bounty hunter, and staying away from him is destroying her from the inside out. When she passes out on the job, her boss forces her to take a week off at the Wiccan Haus to get her act together.

Despite their mutual distrust, the more time Dex and Monica spend in each other’s company, the more their battered souls find solace in the other’s. But Dex’s first loyalty is to his sister, and Monica’s is to her government. On the Winter Solstice, they will either heal each other or lose everything in winter’s fiercest storm.

Buy Links:
Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WRP4M83/?tag=sardanromaut-20
Nook http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mid-winter-healing-sara-daniel/1125731271
Google Play https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Sara_Daniel_Mid_Winter_Healing_Wiccan_Haus_Holiday?id=sPUWDgAAQBAJ&utm_source=Decadent+Publishing+Newsletter&utm_campaign=98251329ab-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_02_07&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_64baa358da-98251329ab-136242461
Kobo https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/mid-winter-healing-wiccan-haus-holiday-anthology
iBooks https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/mid-winter-healing/id1192443371

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Cyborgs are coming ~ Sex Cyborgs and Champagne

Good morning everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day.

A few months ago, a friend of mine, Lia Davis announced a call for Vega Space Vacations. We were told the sky is the limit for our stories and they could be anywhere from lunchtime reads 7k to full novels 55k (plus) I jumped at the idea, in fact, as I read the information for the series I already plotted out my contribution.

Sex, Cyborgs and Champagne, releasing on 4-25-17, has a twist to it. Conner Mann and Flora Mann are a young, carefree couple, who are celebrating their anniversary. But, it's what they're doing for their anniversary that will craving more.


We can help with that.

Conner Mann is on a mission. For his tenth anniversary, he wants to give his wife, Flora, a present she’ll never forget. When he sees an ad for Vega Space Vacations, he knows exactly what to do.

Flora Mann, grew up in a strict home with conservative parents. Expressing her sexual desires never came easy to her due to her prim upbringing, and because of it, she’d never been able to tell her husband what she wants most—a threesome.

Vincent Carver is the man with the plan.

Unit L-2817 or Lincoln to his friends, is ready to experience life through human eyes. As a reformed government mercenary, he’s free to finally experience everything others take for granted—including creating emotional connections. He isn’t sure what love is, but the instant attraction he feels between Conner and Flora, can’t be denied.

Their emotions run high as they contemplate their next moves. Can a cyborg assimilate to their hectic routine? Conner, Flora and Lincoln, are willing to find out. But, what if all they are left with are distant memories?


Flora and Conner joined the others going to the falls for the day. The expedition would be on foot. Nothing like a little adventure to get the blood pumping, as Conner would say. She, however, had her doubts. A small peak stood out in relief from the palm fronds, elephant ear leaves, and all different types of foliage. Birds called out across the vast expanse and were answered in kind.
“The Tipi-Tipi volcano erupts once every seventy-five years,” the guide, Ka’eo, stated as they hiked toward the jungle foliage.
“When did it last explode?” A woman across from them paused, almost hesitant to enter the trail.
Ka’eo chuckled. “Twenty years ago, so we have plenty of time.” He waved them forward. “Instead of depleting the ground nutrients, the ash settles and mixes with nitrate-rich soil, making everything grow lush and plentiful. However, there are downsides. When we get closer to the hot springs and fresh water pools, please stay away from the chained-off areas; the pools there are filled with sulfuric acid, and you will die if you go in one.”
“No pretense with him, huh?” A man a least three or four inches taller than Conner stepped beside her. His unusual grey eyes and friendly smile drew Flora in, followed by a sense of safety and tiny bit of fear.
“I suppose not.” She rubbed her arm, unsure about what she experienced with this man. His short brown hair reminded her of all those military men she’d seen as a child, yet nothing else about him screamed Armed Forces.
“My name is Lincoln.” He held his hand out to her.
“Flora,” she replied, accepting his introduction. When their skin touched, she swore she felt electricity race through her body. She glanced up at him, squinting as the bright sunlight obscured her vision, causing orange and yellow halos to surround Lincoln.
“It’s good to meet you.”
“Conner,” her husband said, coming up beside her. “It’s good to meet you, too, Lincoln. Are you here on your own?”
He nodded. “Yes. I thought I might be a part of this little…adventure.”
She glanced over at Conner, who appeared to size up their new companion. “You’re welcome to join us.” She didn’t know why she said it, but it was as if her mouth had a mind of its own.
“No need in you being alone,” Conner added.
“If both of you don’t mind?”
“No, we don’t mind,” she replied. “We’re all here to have fun, after all.” She tried to disguise her nervousness with a small laugh. Instead, it came out as a breathy giggle, and she cleared her throat. “Well, we don’t want to be left behind. We should catch up.”

Buy Links:


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Autism Awareness Month

If you didn't know it, April is Autism Awareness Month. Author R.J. Scott has put together a blog hop with a group of wonderful author and bloggers. Check out the link and hop over for a chance to win some great prizes and learn something along the way about autism.

Autism Awareness Blog Hop


Animal-assisted therapy may increase self-confidence and other skills in children with autism

 As an educator, students with autism have crossed my path- succeeded in my class, and led productive teenage and adult lives.

Know the FACTS and not the MYTHS!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Don't Cry for me....Barcelona!

Sorry my post it late. I'm in Barcelona! Arrived yesterday morning 17th at 855am, and away for a eleven days. After Barcelona we are taking the train to Beziers, France for a writing retreat in a French Chateau.

Day one, yesterday, in Barcelona was wonderful. After drama at the airport! we arrived at our hotel and it is wonderful. Had tapas, sangria - twice - then went on a little walk around and saw a beautiful Antoni Gaudi  house. Just stunning.
Right after taking this pic, I turned around and slipped off the curb, out of my flip flop and really hurt my foot. I was so afraid I'd broken it but thankfully after icing all night and good old Advil I was almost right as rain today. Lot's of walking in my ugly sandals!

Check out this food!

Did I say wonderful food and tapas? And we can't forget the sangria....best ever.
I'm here with author Loretta Lost and my Editor from Brazil, Editora Gutenburg who published Working Girl in Portuguese. Nilce Xavier is in London until June and she was able to come and join us. How wonderful to meet her and so crazy that we meet in Spain!
Today we had a fantastic one and visited the Erotic Museum, among some other wonderful sites.

In March my website was updated and it's brand spanking new! I hope you zip on over and take a look. All my books are there and it's like a one stop shop. Not to mention a new blog that I will start in May. You can also sign up for my newsletter. Click HERE

If you haven't checked out Working Girl, Mr Monday is still free in some locations. It won't be for long so make sure you grab a copy now! 

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Cover Reveal for When Darkness Whispers by Lisa Carlisle

Have you ever worked on a project for years, that it feels strange when it is finally close to completion? That's how I feel on sharing the cover of my upcoming release. I've written and rewritten this books so many times as there is so much packed into the pages. It's thrilling--and somewhat terrifying--to announce.

So here it is. The cover of my upcoming release, When Darkness Whispers!

When Darkness Whispers

Lisa Carlisle

Some memories are better left forgotten…

Haunted by an unclear past, biologically enhanced Marine, Eva Montreaux, can’t be distracted from her mission. With American troops being brutally murdered on the island of Okinawa, it's more than priority. It’s critical. But when her investigation brings her face to face Marcos Delacruz, it triggers memories. Ones she lost. Memories that somehow include him.

Marcos Delacruz has tried to forget the woman who left him with nothing but empty promises. Even now, three years later, Eva doesn't seem to express any guilt over breaking his heart. In truth, she seems to barely recognize him. This deployment has been challenging enough with too many restless spirits haunting the island. But when his own investigation forces him to cross paths with her once more, Marcos discovers there may be a deeper truth.

With the number of murders claiming rapidly and the rising need to track the murderer across the tropical island, Eva struggles to reclaim what she lost. But the island holds darker elements--a serial killer. One that doesn’t appear to be human.

Thrust into a world she can’t escape, Eva must discover a way to stop a murderer from destroying anyone else's future, but how can she succeed if she can’t even remember what role Marcos played in her past?

When Darkness Whispers is a unique blend of paranormal-military romance you won’t want to put down! If you like haunting mystery, spine-tingling suspense, and Japanese mythology, you will love When Darkness Whispers!

Preorder today at a special intro price. Will go up after release:



More etailers to come!

~ Lisa

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Spring holidays to everyone!

So we had family over today for an Easter celebration. It went very well.  MIL has been moved out of her house, after a long and protracted fight, since she kept falling while alone, resulting in one of her kids, usually my husband, having to take time off work to sit for extended time periods (sometimes 8+ hours) in the ER with her.  She's now in assisted living and the house is on the market.  But she still has to wear a neck brace after she dislocated 3 neck discs when she fell in January, which required emergency surgery. (This, after the major back surgery in December, which followed the 2nd hip replacement in the fall.)  But at least since she had the surgery, the prognosis is that she may not end up paralyzed.  Phew! 

But she hates the neck brace, hates the food at the assisted living place, and she can't make any friends because "no one can understand me with this damn brace on."  When we point out that we can understand her, she complains they can't hear her.  We point out that they probably need to turn their hearing aids up.  Then she says she doesn't want to make friends with them, because "they're just a bunch of old people."  Ahem.

I went through these problems 10 years ago, when I had to take care of both of my parents during their last days.  My brother's help was limited to an occasional visit with the "'rents." So it was all left to me: find them a place to live (and die) in, fix up and empty their house, sell it. invest the money, then take care of doctor visits, bills, etc. etc.  All the while I worked 2 jobs and had 3 teenagers still in my house, with one at college.  But that all is long in the past now.  That old saying is that whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.  I should be superwoman, but still working 2 jobs, I usually just feel so, so very tired. 

But husband has 6 siblings, and only 1 is refusing to help.  So things are getting done.  It was my idea to have a brunch, since the MIL doesn't like to go out in public wearing her neck brace, and though we used to have family parties frequently for birthdays, we don't do that anymore.  It was fun to catch up with everyone who lives in the state, and we Skyped our daughter who lives near Denver, so she could chat with everyone also. 

Now everyone has gone home, and the house is quiet again.  I've finished all of the dishes, and the boys are back in their rooms on their computers, and husband is in his easy chair reading the paper,  probably headed for a nap.  I finally get a chance to say hello to everyone and wish you all a happy spring season, whatever holiday you might celebrate.  For some, like the husband's relatives, it's Easter.  For some it's Passover.  For others the spring equinox is a great reason for a party.  And for me, it's a gorgeous day, so it was fun to have everyone over, eat great food, and enjoy the breezes wafting through our screened-in porch.

I hope you had a great day, and feel optimistic about the coming week. In about 6 weeks school will be over, and I'll "only" be working 1 job.  Hopefully I'll be able to get some writing and promoting done.  My website needs updating, some of the links don't work anymore, and I need to make it more inviting for anyone who stumbles across it.  Then I need to get to work on giving people a reason to stop by. 

Enjoy the warming trend in the days to come.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Love Comes in Many Packages!!!!!

As a stunningly attractive man and the owner of a successful chain of auto repair garages, Trevor is used to attention, adoration, and getting what he wants. What he wants tends to be passionate, no-strings-attached flings with men he meets in clubs. He doesn’t expect anything different when he sets his sights on James. Imagine his surprise when the charm that normally brings men to their knees fails to impress. Trevor will need to drop the routine and connect with James on a meaningful level. He starts by offering to take James home, instead of James riding home with his intoxicated friend.

For James, losing his sight at a young age meant limited opportunities for social interaction. Spending most of his time working at a school for the blind has left him unfamiliar with Trevor’s world, but James has fought hard for his independence, and he knows what he wants. Right now, that means stepping outside his comfort zone and into Trevor’s heart.

Trevor is also open to exploring real love and commitment for a change, but before he can be the man James needs him to be, he’ll have to deal with the pain of his past.
Order a copy:  https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/heart-unseen-by-andrew-grey-8351-b


“You’re watching him again, aren’t you?” Brent asked, and Trevor nodded without even thinking about it. There was something about him that hit Trevor like a punch in the gut. James sat there in the midst of all the chaos and noise almost like none of it quite reached him. That was fascinating and incredibly attractive.
“We always want what we can’t have,” Brent said from near his shoulder.
“I know, but I keep wondering why I can’t look away from him. What is it about this guy that draws me to him?” Trevor had never experienced anything like this before. He’d known more men than he could count, and trying to remember them all took too much effort.
“Who knows why we’re attracted to one person over another?”
“I don’t get it. He’s just another guy.”
Brent shook his head and finished his drink, then set the empty glass on the table. “Maybe it’s time you admitted that there’s more to being a man than a cock and some balls. That there’s another organ that’s just as important.”
“When did you get so philosophical?” Trevor asked, honestly interested in the answer, but not getting one as Bobby and Dean returned.
“Is that the guy you were interested in?” Bobby pointed across the dance floor.
“Yeah. I talked to him for a few minutes.”
Bobby chuckled and leaned into Dean, whispering something in his ear, and they shared a laugh. Bobby turned to smile at Trevor. “You weren’t going to get anywhere with him with your smile and stunning good looks.”
“Why not?” Trevor demanded.
“He’s blind.” Bobby said the words so easily, and they hit Trevor in the gut. He watched James, and it made sense. The way he held his glass with both hands wrapped gently around it as if he’d lose it if he wasn’t touching it. How James had looked through him the entire time Trevor had been speaking to him because he couldn’t see and was just looking in his direction, probably to try to be polite. At least Trevor understood why none of his “charms” had worked.